Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home

12 Projects that Transform Lives and Nations

Project #8

Sponsor Free Literature for:
- Hospital Chaplains.
Sponsor Literature for:
-Native American Ministries (you can specifiy)
$25 can produce literature to reach 25 people.

Home Sweet Home

– From Bus Stops to Native American Reservations, the Word is Changing Lives in the USA

A young boy holds an illustrated Christmas story contextualized for Native American children.

“We know you!” the young tribal men excitedly shouted across the gully to Rev. Yaseer Handall, Foursquare Native American Coordinator. They recognized him from his very popular FMP booklet, Beyond the High, telling of his amazing life-transforming story.

This booklet is only one of a dozen pieces produced by FMP to both reach and teach Native American peoples about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Honduran woman working in Las Vegas finds Christ during “Bus Stop” evangelism and is given the excellent new believer booklet Yes! by Tim Mossholder.

Many other U.S. based ministries, including new church plants, prisons, military, hospital chaplains, and street evangelists use free materials created specifically for their needs. Print is still preferred even in the USA where, according to a Barna Research survey, over 90% of Americans still prefer to read the Bible in print version.

Approximately 25% of all of FMP’s printed materials stay within the U.S. borders blessing ministries that often lack the finances to purchase gospel resources.

Rev. Daniel VergaraRev. Daniel Vergara is FMP’s Latin America Coordinator.

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“Reigniting a Passion for God’s Word in Every Generation”

12 Projects that Transform Lives and Nations