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Going Mobile

12 Projects that Transform Lives and Nations

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Going Mobile: 
Printing in the Most Difficult Places

Mobile Missions Press

Rev. Steve Highlander oversees the MMP in Papua New Guinea. He’s holding New Testaments printed on the new MMP system.

Five years ago, FMP embarked on a new adventure – establish mobile, sometimes solar-powered, print systems in nations where shipping or producing gospel books is difficult.

With the help of generous churches, individuals, and the Foursquare Foundation, systems were placed in nations like Pakistan, Turkey, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Cote d’Ivoire, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, and a few high-risk security nations that cannot be named.

The concept was simple: place equipment that could be easily used and easily replaced, and do so economically to print high quality Christian books and booklets at a low cost. One nation, Mexico, recently printed their one millionth piece on their MMP system. Tens of thousands of discipleship books printed on this system bless Foursquare Mexico churches throughout this nation.

In the five years, the constant challenge has been the issue of maintaining and replacing equipment and consumables plus the turnover of print operators. Because each system is done in partnership, cost sharing for multiple systems can add up. Yet the benefit of printing within country has proven worthwhile.

Recently, a new system in Papua New Guinea not only completed the printing of New Testaments for their churches, but also blessed churches in the Marshall Islands.

FMP is testing the concept of “Bible in a Box” – a smaller, less expensive and focused print system. The vision is to either send systems into closed nations or purchase all or part of the system within country. The goal is to print a minimum of 10,000 New Testaments/Psalms and Proverbs per box sent. Pray for wisdom and resources.

Jeff NashRev. Jeff Nash directs the Mobile Missions Press ministry.




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12 Projects that Transform Lives and Nations

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