Spread the Light Kit

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12 Projects that Transform Lives and Nations

Project #10

Spread the Light Kit
- Sponsor a solar-powered projector
- 1 Gas Generator
- 50 LED Video Tracts
For $5,000

Let There Be Light

Spread the Light Kit

In all my travels, I’ve never been in such darkness. The proverbial “Can’t see my hand in front of my face” applied. Yet, this kind of darkness during moonless evenings in the South Pacific is commonplace because electricity is often non-existent.

Many islands, however, despite the physical and often spiritual darkness, are now experiencing the light of the world – Jesus Christ. In my book, Positioned for Miracles (published by FMP) I chronicled a people movement in one of the more isolated islands. Where once people followed cult-like faith and superstitions, thousands now worship Christ. I’m excited to say more islands are receptive and some growing in great numbers through signs, wonders, and the preaching of the Word. The opportunities throughout the South Pacific are staggering; but we face a big challenge – darkness!

Literally, the night is often so dark that no one dare leave their huts or homes. Sometimes, a few generators can allow people to venture outside.

When FMP mentioned the possibility of using solar-powered projectors to show the JESUS Film and other gospel movies, the possibilities became endless. Add in a few generators and some LED video tracts/teachings, the ability to do both evangelism and discipleship increases by 100%.

Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a “Spread the Light” project kit to a South Pacific Island. The brothers and sisters there will be so very grateful. Something like a movie, that we easily take for granted, can be a life-changing experience for an Islander. Please help the Press help us share the transforming Word of God to many who have never heard!

Jerry StottDr. Jerry Stott is FMI’s Area Missionary for the South Pacific.

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12 Projects that Transform Lives and Nations

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