David C. Cook produces the very best Bible for young people called The NIV Action Study Bible. We want to get thousands of these Bibles to young people throughout Africa and Latin America.

Most young people could never afford such a luxury. The cost of such a Bible to some is about a month’s pay. So our dream is to provide 3,000 young people in Africa and Latin America their very own copy of The NIV Action Study Bible – in 2021. To do so, we will need to raise $49,500 for Bibles, shipping, and distribution.

I can’t think of a better investment in our future generation! Use this link to view sample pages from The NIV Action Study Bible.

It’s a big goal, but reachable with your help. Would you consider sponsoring one or more copies of The NIV Action Study Bible at $16.50 a piece?

Watch CGBox Director Natalie Werking share about this project!