When the Door is Closing…

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12 Projects that Transform Lives and Nations

Project #6

Digital Resources – Sponsor SD Cards, DVDs, Thumb Drives, Videos, and Audio Bibles (Cost based on items and amounts)

When the Door is Closing…

How can we get the Word of God into nations that are closed to the gospel?

During the communist revolution in China, Bibles were burned, churches closed, and Christians persecuted. Today, more Bibles are printed in China than in any other nation, yet persecution still exists and Christianity thrives.

In many other closed or closing nations, believers do not thrive as they do in China. Missionaries and local leaders must work underground, often as tent makers. In one very closed Muslim nation, a local businessman, using a Mobile Press, prints materials for the underground church while an Asian nation with less than 10,000 believers uses one of our Mobile Presses to primarily reach children.

When printed materials can increase the risk of exposure and imprisonment, FMP has turned to digital resources such as SD cards, thumb drives, and videos. During the Syrian refugee crisis, FMP purchased hundreds of SD cards that had multiple resources including the Bible in Arabic.

Another strategy is to provide gospel resources to neighboring countries that border closed nations. Local leaders have an easier time taking in materials across borders rather than direct shipments from the U.S. Or when gospel materials cannot be shipped or transported in, FMP will seek out printers willing to produce the gospel.

FMP is currently working on its most recent creative project – a way to get the Word to closed and closing nations – Bible in a Box. This concept, already being tested, sends or purchases the necessary equipment to produce New Testaments and a few other key resources. The cost is less than a Mobile Press, with less training and space requirements.

Keep praying for the Press to creatively get the Word, whether digital, video, or print, into every nation – to the glory of God.

Bob HuntRev. Robert Hunt is the Director of Foursquare Missions Press.

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12 Projects that Transform Lives and Nations

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