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Extracted article from FMP’s Generations magazine.

FMP volunteers, Le and Lonnie Robbins on their porch in Texas. Blanche Lewis, who has volunteered since day one of FMP. Charlotte Eardley has made over 100,000 Gospel Bracelets despite a major stroke.

Whether it’s an aspiring actress working at the shrink wrap machine, a cancer survivor making gospel bracelets, a church in Rancho Cucamonga producing a prolific amount of puppets, or a pastor in New Hampshire drawing Bible stories – FMP partners with volunteers around the nation to create and produce resources that help win the lost and strengthen the saved.

David Grasso and his wife, Cindy, are incredibly talented artists. They also serve as senior pastors at Life Fellowship church in Charlestown, New Hampshire. David wanted to share his gift in illustration for global outreach and offered to create key Bible stories. One of the biggest obstacles in producing resources is translation. With David’s Illustrated Bible Stories, FMP can simply “drop in” portions of the Bible and quickly go to press. Already, this creative booklet is in six different languages!

Pastor Helma Van der Pol from Rancho Cucamonga, California is simply amazing. Her passion for children’s ministry has produced some of the most creative children’s church background sets ever. Every year, the children wait in anticipation for Helma’s annual Bible theme. Helma and her team of artists have made hundreds of thousands of gospel bracelets, Bible story cloths, and puppets.

Sammi Gainer, Volunteer. Watch her tour of FMP at foursquaremissionspress.org

Sammi Gainer, Volunteer. Watch her tour of FMP.

Sammi Gainer is an aspiring actress, currently studying the theater arts at the prestigious Belmont College in Nashville, Tennessee. Since an early age, she and her sisters and brother have collected their loose change for the Children’s Gospel Box. Now on her trips back to California, this energetic young believer volunteers at the production facilities at FMP. She has been FMP’s sole ongoing volunteer during the Covid-19 pandemic, as she has had the virus and now the antibodies. The rest of our volunteers, many of which are retired, are anxiously waiting to return to their stations.

255,450 gospel bracelets and counting! Le and Lonnie Robbins from Wills Point, Texas have been very busy indeed. Since October 2012, battles with arthritis and cancer, this amazing couple continues to serve the youngest generation globally with the beautiful and purposeful bracelets. Their original goal was 250,000 and according to Le,

“Shortly after setting that goal, I had a dream. I was in heaven and someone walked up to me and said, ‘Thank you, I’m here because of a gospel bracelet.’”

No question the selfless labors of the Robbinses, Grassos, Helma, Sammi, and hundreds of others will return dividends in eternity. Well done.

Would you like to join the Press team?
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  • Pray for the Press
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  • Tell others about FMP
  • Take our resources to the mission field

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