The Year of the Bible!

Wyce GhiacyNews

In the Congo…

FMP, in partnership with FMI’s Dr. Dan Lucero, sponsored this year Bibles in two local dialects for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Be blessed as you read this testimony from the local leader, Pastor Rose.

“Having a Bible is a luxury in the village. Some pastors do not have a Bible. Bibles in local languages have been distributed on a scale never seen in Luila village. In this project each member of different churches had the privilege to choose a Bible in his or her preferred language.”

“In the village of Tuidi Madiata, there are no churches with a solid structure and most people in the village are ‘unchurched.’ The leader (photo) of the choir has an amazing story. We gave him a Bible to meet his spiritual needs, but also crutches to meet his physical needs. Now he is unstoppable, singing everywhere, waving his new Bible, praising God. Members of his choir are young girls and boys, thirsty for the Word. They are all excited by the distribution of Bibles.”

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