When Youth Scream “No!”

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12 Projects that Transform Lives and Nations

Project #2

NextGen/ONE8 Resources: Provide for the printing of The Meaning of Success to African youth $25 to reach 100 African young people. $50 to reach 50 youth with the Squad booklet.

When Youth Scream “NO!”

NextGen/ONE8 Resources

Young people around the globe are seeking their own spiritual reality and want their resources to reflect that.

I travel a lot. Not only around the world, but also here in the United States. I make it my mission to speak with as many young people and youth leaders as possible.

Part of my job is to learn how to best serve this generation with the most relevant and effective resources. In a world where communication can be diluted down to 140 characters, it’s a challenge to find what works. My generation and younger live in a post-modern world – where the Age of Enlightenment has given way to the Age of Entertainment. Logic, absolute truth, is challenged by emotion and personal interpretation.

In all this shifting sand, “The Word of God,” the Psalmist reminds us, “endures forever.” To borrow a metaphor from my dad’s toolbox, the Bible is God’s “divine plumb line” – it is straight when all the world seems crooked.

That’s why FMP’s slogan is really a mission statement – “Reigniting a passion for God’s Word in every generation.” Our vision, our ultimate passion, for the NextGen is to provide resources that make them fall in love with the Word of God. (That is the main focus of our ONE8 ministry.) We want to help them see that the Bible is “living and active” – yes, it actually can touch your emotions, your soul, as well as your heart and mind.

One of the best ways is to identify young authors who can express, contextually, to this generation and do so with sound doctrine. Recently, I collaborated with three other young authors, and FMP printed the Squad booklet that speaks to the Foursquare distinctives in a relevant manner – it was well received.

I also had the privilege of working with a dozen apostolic African leaders who, seeing the loss of their youth to western modernization, asked me to write (with their valuable input) and design a booklet for African youth called The Meaning of Success.

Justice Coleman, an emerging pastor of a thriving church, wrote and we published Uncomplicated, a basic handbook for the new believer. And soon, our collaborative team will publish a booklet on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We are looking for young, Spirit-filled authors and artists from every ethnic group to contextualize the gospel message in their language and culture for their young people.

In a world where too many young people are saying “No” to old wineskins, we are working hard to provide Spirit-anointed publications – in multiple platforms – so that their ultimate answer is “Yes, Lord Jesus!”

Rev. Cheyne Jackson is the Associate Director of FMP. Cheyne directs the ONE8 ministry to the NextGen as well as Operation Teddy Bear. He is a popular speaker.

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12 Projects that Transform Lives and Nations

“Reigniting a Passion for God’s Word in Every Generation”