NextGen: Why it Matters

Wyce GhiacyNews

Extracted article from FMP’s Generations magazine.

The missional slogan for FMP is: “Igniting a passion for God’s Word in every generation.” We take it very seriously.

The Children’s Gospel Box ministry was founded after multiple international leaders asked the Press for children’s materials. There existed a huge lack of gospel resources for children, especially for developing nations.

While the CGBox has met the need, older youth wanted their own materials and in multiple languages. FMP partnered with author Dr. Daniel Brown to provide an excellent tool for discipleship in a 4-booklet set called The Journey. We also joined with Every Home for Christ to create a booklet challenging youth in Africa to reject materialism and embrace Christ.

Pastor Tim Mossholder updated his classic new believer handbook for youth called Yes! We’ve shepherded it into multiple languages. But recently, NextGen leaders, including Pastor Tim, led by Ashton Fish, wrote SQUAD, which is an excellent book for youth, published by FMP, that clearly and effectively explains the Foursquare gospel.

Last summer, due to COVID-19, all US Foursquare camps were cancelled. So, the Foursquare NextGen team created a digital camp which not only included SQUAD books, but also other creative print resources to supplement an online experience. Additionally, FMP offered every teen free Bibles, Journeys, Yes! booklets, and the excellent book UnComplicated by Justice Coleman.

FMP’s burden is to see more youth and youth leaders write and create their own resources, not only for here in the States, but globally as well. It is often said that youth are the future, but in many ways the future is now.