Introducing: The “Jesus and Me” Series!

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What do you do next when a child accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord?

Does your church have a program in place to help parents disciple their children, prepare them for baptism, and lead them into the fullness of the Holy Spirit?

Introducing: The “Jesus and Me” Series!

Jesus and Me Series

Jesus and Me Series

Jesus, Baptism, and Me…
This study book helps lead children into full understanding of their salvation and prepares them for water baptism and their new walk in Jesus Christ!

Jesus, the Trinity, and Me…
This study book helps children discover the nature of God and introduces them to the persons of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This book prepares the child to be introduced to the Spirit filled life.

Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Me…
This study book explores the ministry of the Holy Spirit, how each child can be baptized in the Holy Spirit, and how the Holy Spirit is our forever friend to guide us through life!

All three of these great children’s resources are available through Foursquare Missions Press. They are available in English, and soon to be released in Spanish.

Foundational Principles for Young Believers

“It should be our goal to place an eternal imprint of Jesus’ love in the hearts of children. This practical inter-active study guide does just that! Demonstrating what it means for a child to know Jesus and how they can obediently and joyfully follow Him in Water Baptism. Take some time to prayerfully review and share. You will be glad you did.”

Rick Wulfestieg
Director of The Children’s Gospel Box, Pastor,
National Director of Foursquare Christian Education (1987-2003)