God Bless the Widow

Wyce GhiacyNews

Portions from a recent letter:

“I am a widow on a fixed income and will be 95 years old. When your letter came I thought, ‘I just sent an offering,’ and couldn’t do it again. So reluctantly I threw it in the trash! Sorry.”

Below you can read the rest of this heartfelt story plus the amazing testimony of a cancer survivor.


Dear Bob, 

As you know, I am a widow, on a fixed income, and I will be 95 years in a few weeks. When your letter came I thought, I had just sent an offering and couldn’t do so again – so reluctantly, I threw it in the trash! Sorry.

Meanwhile, a couple of my neighbors decided to do some yard work on the parkway across the road and they cut, trimmed and etc. and cleared it all up. I sent them a thank you note and $10.00 to help with the new plants, trash bags and etc. They had filled about 16 large commercial bags and had spent four days or so working. Well last Monday, Mike, one neighbor, handed me a beautiful card thanking me but said, “I am returning your $10.00 so put it in the collection plate at your church.”

Then Sue, the other neighbor, said, “I’ll add $10.00.” So I now had $30.00 – so I pulled your letter out of the trash and thought I could add to and send a check for $50.00. Saturday my daughter and son-in-law came and I told them so they added $40.00 and a lady in my Sunday School class (I’m still teaching an adult class) gave me $10.00. I had told the story as an illustration of how we all together with small sums can do more. 

So now I am able to send $100.00 for the CG Box ministry from Mike, Sue, Kirk, Merrilyn, Connie and me. Could we give this in memory of Jack? Merrilyn and I would like this.

Well, this has been a long story, but thank you for listening and it has resulted already in God’s blessing to those who gave.

God bless you for all you are doing.