Giving Life: Project Vida

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Extracted article from FMP’s Generations magazine.

FMP Partners with Curriculum Giant David C. Cook To Provide Beautiful Resources

Years back, a longtime missionary to Latin America lamented to FMP of the lack of children’s gospel curriculum in their region of the world. Ever since, FMP has looked for a way to solve this challenge.

Enter Foursquare Latin America NextGen Coordinator Aaron Hunter, and the “king of curriculum” publisher, David C. Cook. Aaron approached FMP Latin America ­­Coordinator Rev. Daniel Vergara about printing a customized to Foursquare curriculum. It was a huge undertaking, but something FMP knew it had to do.

Unfortunately, a series of setbacks and then the Covid-19 shutdown slowed the printing in Colombia; but finally the material has been printed and is being distributed. The initial print goal and distribution is to five nations, reaching a projected 15,000 children and 1,500 children’s ministry leaders.

The curriculum includes both teacher materials and interactive books for the kids, ranging from ages 5-13.

Because this is an ongoing project, with the potential to reach tens of thousands of children, FMP will continue to need generous donors, like Rev. Fernando Castillo and the Pacific Southwest District (who gave an incredible initial gift) to make it all possible.

And Now What?

Honduran boy gives his heart to Christ during recent CGBox rally

Honduras Foursquare has done an amazing job reaching the children of their nation. Led by Sister Gladis Velasquez de Sanchez, and resourced by the Children’s Gospel Box, tens of thousands in the last few years have been reached.

A recent outreach called “And Now What?” was an event teaching dozens of children who had Christ in their life to continue to grow. They used CGBox resources and the Dr. Mary Lou Canata classic, Living the Christian Life. They will be receiving “Project Vida” resources.