COVID-19 Global Response – Native Americans

Wyce GhiacyNews

These are heartbreaking times in America. We at Foursquare Missions Press believe that the gospel brings hope in the valley of the shadow.

So, we are continuing to work, hard but safely, to bring hope to our homeland and around the world.

In the US Hundreds of discipleship manuals have been created for Native Americans and distributed to dozens of churches. Native Americans are some of the hardest hit by the virus.

ALL is possible because of your prayers and support!

We continue to need both. The US and the world are open more than ever to the Good News. Help us to continue to stay open and to respond quickly to the need.

Your generous support is critical and it is needed now. Can we and the thousands of people we serve count on you?

Together, we are truly making a difference, in Jesus’ name.