Calling All Churches: Be Our “Smuggler”

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From the Director
by Robert Hunt

The thought of my 5’3” wife carrying 70 pounds of books, booklets, and tracts into a foreign country caused me some concern. I kept thinking about the time Melinda Scott carried a heavy suitcase of our gospel materials into Pakistan only to have it split open, spilling out all of its contents onto the airport tarmac – while armed guards watched.

Heidi (my wife) and Melinda eventually and successfully delivered their materials to their incredibly grateful hosts. It’s two examples of how individuals can really be a blessing, not only to nations who crave gospel resources, but also to us, FMP. When individuals or teams carry in our materials, they not only save us shipping costs, they – and this is important – ensure the material will arrive to its intended destination.

So, I’m officially requesting of all churches – please let us know if you’re sending teams or people overseas so they can possibly take materials in for us. Smugglers for Jesus? Not exactly, but “blessed are the feet of those who bring Good News.”

Every year, FMP produces between 15 to 20 new titles of books/booklets/tracts for the U.S. and foreign field.

The subjects range for children, youth, and adults – covering evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development.

Besides the new offerings, FMP is continually printing dozens of requested materials – some of which we have printed for over 35 years.

Some have wondered if print is still necessary in the digital age. By far, most leaders from developing and even “First World” nations prefer books in print over digital. Even though FMP now offers both (see article “Paul Risser Memorial Library”) its printing presses will be busy in the foreseeable future.


Rev. Robert Hunt is the
Director of Foursquare
Missions Press.
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