Discipleship Tracks-English


These three workbooks in this series are a great set of tools to disciple new young believers. Written by Kirk L. Zehnder. Cross Track 48-pages Dove Track 88-pages Cup Track 48-pages Size: 8.5″x11″ Language: English … Read More

Jesus, Baptism and Me-Spanish

Wyce Ghiacy

Jesus, Baptism and Me is a wonderful 12-page children’s book focusing on baptism, by Foursquare senior pastor Kirk Zehnder. 16-pages Size: 8.25″x10.25″ Language: Spanish Printed copy available in Resource Store

The Jesus and Me Series (3 book set)-English

Wyce Ghiacy

Jesus, Holy Spirit, Trinity and Me Series

What do you do next when a child accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord? Does your church have a program in place to help parents disciple their children, prepare them for baptism, … Read More