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Wyce Ghiacy

Teen Fashioned-English

We are a God-following, teen-focused, fashion-forward magazine, whose heart is to inspire and encourage young women around the world. So yeah, we love Jesus here! We believe He has a plan for each of us—and that includes you—and our heart is to share that message, encouraging, helping, and empowering other teen girls just like us!

With a handful of adults paving the way for this magazine, the bulk of our team is made up of gals ages 12 to 17—all of whom follow and love the Lord. When we’re not writing articles, taking photos or walking the runway, we like to play sports, watch movies, and hang out with friends. We’re just like you—everyday people trying to make the world a more happy and loving place, and we hope you’ll join us in spreading God’s good vibe. 😉

While many may have a stereotype that Christians wear frumpy clothes, no makeup, and sit in the corner of the school yard only singing, Kumbaya, this is far from the truth. We are young, fun & vibrant girls who love God, beauty and fashion! If you look at Abraham's wife, David's wife, Jacob’s wife and Esther in the Old Testament, they were all extremely beautiful women—so beautiful in fact, that people constantly wanted to be around them.  With this beauty, God was able to use them to carry out His plan, spread His word, and show His love. It’s our heart and hope to do the same. God created us in all of our various and beautiful ways and He wants us to present not just our best, but His. Welcome to Teen Fashioned Magazine. We look forward to meeting you in the pages of our premiere issue!

Teen Fashioned Magazine

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