Servant-Leader Discipleship-English

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Servant-Leader Discipleship-English

The world is ripe with opportunities for us to serve one another — the call and need are there, but we often just do not step or leap!, into the moments before us. This book gives a different charge than you may have heard before. Dr. Juan M. Vallejo unpacks servant-leadership by showing us both necessity and applicability.

I have had the great pleasure of seeing Dr. Juan M. Vallejo’s journey as a student and his emergence as a scholar in the growing world of servant-leadership. His book “Servant-Leader Discipleship: Equipping People to Grow in Love for the Work of Service” is the fruit of his scholarly endeavors providing a foundational approach to the ‘how to’ of serving.

And before you think this book is limited to the ministry context, it is not!

This book is for any and every leader — the path to serve is the path we all need to be on, but oh so often, two things happen. First, we think we are Christian and, therefore, on the servant path, which is not always the case. The pursuit of Christ requires a more determined path to serve, to build His Kingdom and not our own. Second, we just do not know where to begin — the how of serving others. Dr. Vallejo brings us to these imperative conversations and not just conceptually but with the purpose of actually getting on this path towards servanthood. He does so in a scholarly and practical format, all underpinned with a Biblical approach — what more could a reader ask for!

We are in this world as leaders—we are either building better human beings or not —there is no neutrality here. Who are you building to go forth — who are you equipping —building? Think about this as you read this book, ask yourself about your life’s journey and your day-to-day journey — and then ask about the love you give to your followers and those around you. Love is interesting in that it is undefinable in some ways and yet concretely exactly what we need to be as leaders. Yes, ‘to be,’ love is our being — it is who we are and what we do — a state of being. 1 Corinthians reminds us without love, we are nothing! And in a world where we try desperately to be ‘something’ — love is our key.

We are also in this world as followers — of Jesus Christ, and of course, following the leaders, we find ourselves led by. We need to lead well, but we also must learn to follow well; Jesus showed us the way. And if Jesus was leader, follower — and servant in both — perhaps this deserves our consideration. We hear about servant-leadership, but the time has come for us also to consider servant-followership. What does it mean to follow well? Dr. Vallejo unpacks the followership perspective for us. Leading and following are both noble, both needed, and both endeavors where we can serve and love and reflect Christ.

Whether you are a novice, a scholar, or just curious — dig into these words — listen with your ears and your heart. Enjoy this journey; we do not get another go-around — we might as well enjoy it by serving and loving as many people as we can!

Kathleen Patterson,
Ph.D.  Director, Doctorate of Strategic Leadership Program School of Business & Leadership  Regent University


Language: English, Spanish

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