Prophesy-Releasing God’s Voice-English


Prophesy-Releasing God

The Bible clearly highlights the New Testament gift of Prophecy as a powerful blessing that is meant to encourage, exhort, and comfort the body of Christ. Tragically, however, decades of unbalanced teaching, unaccountable prophecies, and unhealthy prophets have driven many churches and individuals to abandon the prophetic ministry altogether. In these troubling times the church cannot afford to neglect any of the Kingdom resources that God has made available to His people.

Prophesy lays out a clear theological framework for the purpose and necessity of the gift of prophecy among us today. Additionally, this book highlights a practical roadmap for how to develop a health prophetic ministry in both the church and your personal life. Built on a foundation of biblical truth and seasoned with challenging personal stories, Prophesy will surely inspire a passionate hunger in you to “earnestly desire spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy!”

Written by Benjamin Dixon

Size: 6x9
Language: English

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