MyStart Journal-English

Wyce Ghiacy

MyStart Journal-English

The MYSTART JOURNAL is a 52-week devotional journey for kids, who use the concepts behind Lectio Divina to inspire them to slow down and hear God through His Word. The journal is a creative experience focusing on the values identity, character, adventure and trust with the help of Miss Penny, their Lectio Coach. Kids all over the world are using the Mystart Journal in their home, classrooms, churches and small groups. Share your adventure with us at

From the Authors
We have seen the smiles and the joy that have come to kids’ faces when they slow down, read the scriptures, and listen to what God is saying. We’ve watched as the children in our own lives have discovered they can hear God speak to them. We believe God is raising up a generation of kids who, like young Samuel, are hearing His voice today. The MyStart Journal is a great starting point to coach kids on this journey.

—Harriet and Rebecca


Size: 6″x9″
Language: English

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