Eight Steps to Becoming a True Christian-Spanish

Wyce Ghiacy

Eight Steps to Becoming a True Christian-Spanish

This book will help you learn the biblical principles of the Christian life. You can apply these steps in any culture, teaching, study, home group or just your everyday walk of life. In my experience as a minister, these steps are a great tool for the local church and a priority for new believers in the faith of Christ.

Jeffrey L. Whiston has more than thirty-nine years of experience as a lecturer, director, pastor, missionary, pioneer, strategist, consultant, founder, networker and church planter in Spain, Mexico and the United States.

Jeff has ministered in many countries throughout the world and has a heart to see humanity saved for the cause of Christ. Leaving his career and studies at the Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Paris, France to become a chef, he was saved, trained and did his schooling for six years in Spain, resulting in pioneering churches throughout Spain, Mexico and the United States. Author of serveral books that are in different languages, Chaplain for the minor baseball team Houston Astros, Today Jeff and his wife Coco pastor two churches in Austin, Texas.

Size: 5″x8″
Language: English, Spanish

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