Prayer as Warfare

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ABOVE: FMP Production Manager, Jess De Revere, praying at the facilities in Anaheim, California.

How You Can See Nations Come to Christ
By Laurie De Revere
The FMP crate was stuck in customs limbo. 

Hundreds of Honduran leaders and workers patiently waited, but time was running out – soon the crate would be sold and the valuable cargo of gospel books, booklets, and tracts would be lost.

I remember on this particular day that the late Sheila Ransford, our FMP Latin America Coordinator at the time, had come into my office and sat down to chat, as she sometimes did. We talked about this and that, but our conversation kept going back to the crate that needed to be released, such was her concern.

So, joined by our co-workers, we prayed – harder than ever before, asking the Lord to do a miracle. Together, with our brothers and sisters across the miles in Central America, we cried out to God.

Miracles do happen, even in corrupt customs ports. That night, the head of customs began having dreams of the Lord demanding the release of our crate. Needless to say, the crate quickly cleared customs – at no charge! God loves His Word and will do whatever is necessary to allow it to go forth.

We learned a valuable lesson – PRAY before, during, and even after every shipment.

Here’s where you can help. We need individuals and churches across the country, and all over the world, to put our prayer needs on their prayer lists so that we can see multiple nations receive the Word of God.

  • Pray for our staff and equipment – Staff can get sick and equipment can break down; this includes all of our Mobile Missions Presses around the world.
  • When shipments of literature or other resources are sent via sea or air, make them a matter of intercession. Not only for the safety of the trip and ease through customs, but also for each piece of literature to get into the right hands and hearts. (See our website for current prayer needs.)

PLEASE pass these requests on to other prayer groups. You can also visit our Facebook page to learn of new projects and outreaches that need your prayer covering.

Click here to read about our urgent needs.

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