The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us

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What People Are Saying About


“It is a profound honor to have been invited to write an endorsement for the book The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us, written by Dr. Leslie Keegel, a man for whom I hold the highest esteem. Both as a co-laborer and friend, Leslie clearly exemplifies the love and humility of Christ. Through him, the Holy Spirit moves with authority and power, and many have experienced the dynamic intervention of God’s miraculous grace. The title of the book he has written could not be more accurate or descriptive for, certainly, the Spirit of the Lord is upon him. I highly recommend this life-changing resource to all who seek a deeper and more powerful life of ministry that will help to transform our world for Christ.”

Glenn C. Burris, Jr.
President, The Foursquare Church


“In his new book The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us, Leslie Keegel shows a way to experience the supernatural in your life. It is a faith-inspiring book, theologically sound, with profound implications on how Christians can live as ‘Kingdom-agents’ in this world. You will be thrilled by the testimonies of exciting miracles happening in our days. I highly recommend this book to all who long for the anointing to preach the gospel, to set people free, and to experience the supernatural in their lives.”

Volker Heitz
Chairman, Foursquare Europe
National Leader, Foursquare Suisse


“This book will certainly bless you and transform your life as you read it. It makes us experience the reality of the gospel (Good News) and the power of the gospel. As you read this book, the historical Jesus will become the Christ of experience. Through this book, Dr. Keegel imparts what the Lord has deposited into his life so that we too can partake of those truths. It shares the whole counsel of the gospel of Christ in a way that we can apply to our daily walk with the Lord. It is a book that will mentor you to walk in the love, grace, compassion, and the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Rajan Thiagarajah
Founder/Pastor, Good Success Church


The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us is an absolute must read for anyone longing to step into the power of the Holy Spirit. In what will no doubt be a timeless masterpiece for those hungry to see the move of God in their daily lives, Dr. Leslie Keegel humbly shares his incredible journey into a miracle-filled ministry, straight out of the book of Acts. Dr. Keegel brings the twenty-first century believer to the understanding that we have all been called by God to bring Kingdom demonstration and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to the broken and hurting in this world. Get ready to be motivated to a life in the supernatural where you too will see signs, wonders, and miracles as a part of everyday life.”

Jerry M. Stott
South Pacific Foursquare


“What does it look like to be the kind of Jesus-follower whose life is a conduit to the unquenchable power of the Holy Spirit? Leslie Keegel is a living example of how moving in the anointing brings healing and hope to a broken world and to everyone we encounter. His personal stories of life and ministry in Sri Lanka and throughout the nations will remind you that the Holy Spirit is alive and well, moving in power through His people. In addition, Leslie’s ‘Kingdom Keys’ to the anointed will inspire and challenge you toward deeper intimacy with the Lord and enhanced awareness of the movements of the Spirit. I personally know Leslie as a minister with integrity that stewards an incredible anointing of God’s Spirit within a vessel of grace and humility. He is the ‘Real Thing,’ as I’ve witnessed him caring pastorally for one person in one moment then ministering in power to thousands in the next. May we all be encouraged and inspired through his life.”

Ted Vail
Director, Foursquare Missions


“I wish to endorse The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us, by Dr. Leslie Keegel, which is inspiring, challenging, and relevant to the church today. His passion for the supernatural, compassion for the suffering, and a life of intimacy with the Holy Spirit have taken him on a journey of some amazing experiences to confirm the ‘Kingdom Keys’ highlighted in this book. Dr. Leslie has been powerfully used by the Lord in the area of deliverance and healing, together with an anointed leadership gift, which continues to touch lives and nations. It has been my joy to be associated with him, and I deeply appreciate his humility, simplicity, and dependence on the Holy Spirit. I am certain that you too will be challenged to have the same hunger for the Spirit of the Lord to be upon your life and ministry as you go through this book.”

Michael Dissanayeke
General Superintendent, Assemblies of God – Sri Lanka


“In his book, The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us, Leslie Keegel captures powerful moments in his journey that demonstrate biblical principles in ACTION. The Scriptures come alive through the lens of his real life stories that are certain to transform and forever impact the way you view the Word of God!”

Phil Liberatore
CPA, Marketplace Pastor & IRS Problem Solver


“Leslie Keegel lives what he teaches. He succinctly presents ‘Kingdom Keys’ that leave you freshly impacted by the power and beauty of the gospel. There is a fresh wind blowing, and Leslie has been swept by its power. Through the truths of this fascinating book, he invites us to participate. Come and dine!”

Wayne Cordeiro
New Hope Christian Fellowship – Hawaii


“It has been a joy for my wife and for me to know Dr. Leslie Keegel for over 20 years now. He has been a much-valued member of the International Prayer Council and has served with me on a number of ministry teams through the years. Dr. Keegel has a quiet and winsome spirit and does not put himself forward; however, when the Spirit of the Lord is upon him, he ministers to people with great boldness and power and has an amazing prophetic sensitivity that has been a huge blessing to many. He is the right person to write such a book, having walked with the Lord and served Him in so many national and international contexts for so many years. This book is an exciting testament to the fact that Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, will do the same, even greater, supernatural works in our day than He did during His earthly life. He just needs us to be available and willing to be His instruments in the same way as Dr. Keegel describes in this must read book.”

John Robb
Chairman, International Prayer Council
International Facilitator, World Prayer Assembly


“I commend Dr. Leslie Keegel’s book to every Christian leader who wants to minister on a higher spiritual plane and move with God’s anointing. In this book, as a pastor, mentor, and a scholar from one of Sri Lanka’s fastest growing and innovative churches, Dr. Keegel guides you to the very essence of ministering in the supernatural. Based firmly on Scripture, its pages are also enriched with Dr. Keegel’s inspiring experiences, having served through some of the most difficult years during the conflict situation in Sri Lanka. This book is a must read for every Christian who desires to take his faith seriously and minister in the Spirit. It is also an invaluable resource for any person who aspires to understand and function in the transforming power of the gospel. May God bless and touch everyone who reads this book to be challenged by the insights it communicates.”

Deshamanya Godfrey Yogarajah
Deputy Secretary General, World Evangelical Alliance (WEA)
General Secretary, National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL)


“Leslie’s book is a must read for people who are serious about figuring out how to walk in godly power and bringing the Kingdom of God to their world. I walked away from this book knowing that the Lord has more for me than the limited power that I have come to accept as inevitable.”

Doug Graham
CEO and Co-founder, Continuant, Inc.


“The book The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us – Pastor Leslie Keegel’s life story – is a timely publication that would challenge every minister of the Gospel of Christ of the Church of God to question themself whether their ministries are driven by the anointing of the Holy Spirit or driven by their ego towards self-glorification.

“In a nation that has experienced three decades of war, the Lord is willing to anoint us further through the gifting of this book to become authentic ministers of the ‘Ministry of Reconciliation’ for which he has called us unto, so that He could heal the wounds of His Church, to heal the wounds of this nation as we continue to build bridges of trust and confidence among people in the Name of Christ, to unite races and communities. A divided church cannot preach reconciliation to a bleeding nation because of its scandalous divisions. I have no doubt whatsoever that this book will become an anointed book approved by the Lord that would make us all to fall on our knees seeking the Lord’s forgiveness for all our wrongs committed during our ministries, seek our common God-Given goal, and allow His anointing power to transform the lives of His called servants, individuals, communities, churches, and even nations.

“May His Name be glorified through this edition!”

Dhiloraj R.Canagasabey
Bishop of the Anglican Church, Colombo, Sri Lanka


“I believe that The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us will put an end to powerless lives and ministries. The unusual miracles of Dr. Keegel’s ministry combined with his ability to simply explain the mysteries surrounding God’s intended life of power for the believer creates much-needed confidence to act on God’s word. This book will provide the confidence-building word people need to step out of their life-as-usual boat and onto the waters of supernatural ministry.”

Jerry D. Dirmann
The Rock, Operation Solid Lives
Anaheim, CA


“Too often we seek the supernatural without a thought toward the pragmatic—building the Kingdom of God. In his book, The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us, Leslie Keegel weds the two, as they are in scripture. Throughout his adult life, the partnership of the miraculous with evangelism and church planting result in hundreds of churches and many thousand people coming to the Lord. The book shows us the way for this to happen in our own communities. My soul was uplifted and my heart for ministry renewed as I read of the Spirit’s work in Sri Lanka. This book is a keeper.”

Ralph Moore
Hope Chapel Founder


“Dr. Leslie Keegel has written a book that will both inspire you to do great things for God and challenge you to go to a new level of faith. He is a modern-day apostle who knows what it is to live out the Book of Acts rather than just reading about it. You will be changed forever by reading The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us.”

Cindy Jacobs
Generals International


“The simplicity and honesty of this book will catch you unaware, and before you realize what Dr. Keegel has done to minister to your spirit, you will find yourself filled with new levels of faith, and deeper understanding of the invisible realm.

“A good subtitle for this interesting catalog of Leslie’s stories and experiences would be ‘But I’m just a man like the rest.’ Yes, the Spirit is among us, and this book demonstrates exactly how the Spirit comes into any circumstance with power – simply when He finds humble and willing servants.

“Many books of the miraculous leave readers feeling, ‘That must have been amazing!’ But little instruction comes from such books. In this book, you will raise your eyebrows in wonder, but you will also discover simple keys for welcoming more of the miraculous into your own circumstances.

“Thank you, Leslie, for being so real, and thank you for sharing your life from the vantage point of wonder and awe you still feel every time God uses you! What a service you have provided for the Body of Christ!”

Daniel A. Brown
International Bible Teacher and Author of Embracing Grace
and many other books


“I have watched, from the beginning of Leslie’s ministry, a humble yet powerful servant of God impact tens of thousands of lives for Christ. His book is but a glimpse of that extraordinary journey, but it is an excellent one.”

Paul Risser
Former President, The Foursquare Church


“The fruit of Leslie Keegel’s remarkable ministry is very evident today. Here we have some of the stories that lie behind it. The noteworthy value of this book is that it demonstrates how scriptural truth is experienced in life and ministry. It will instruct God’s servants and challenge them to launch out into powerful paths of Spirit-filled service.”

Ajith Fernando
Teaching Director, Youth for Christ Sri Lanka
Author, Jesus Driven Ministry


“Leslie Keegel is a dynamic leader who has influenced my personal walk with Christ and ministry for over 20 years. The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us explains how to tap into the gifts the Lord has given you and use them in dynamic ways. I am thankful for this book as it does not reach a single demographic, but can help the masses to stay on the course we are called to be on. Pastor Leslie Keegel has not only written a beautiful book, but he has lived his life as a godly example for all to witness.”

Matthew Barnett
Co-Founder of The Dream Center
New York Times best selling author, The Cause Within You

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