Hot off the Press: Journal and Workbook for Positioned for the Gifts

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Positioned for the Gifts Journal & Workbook

This 96 page workbook asks probing questions, adds additional insights, stories and quotes, plus provides you space to journal thoughts and prayers.

It was created to assist you on your journey towards a deeper walk in the Spirit and moving in the Gifts of the Spirit.

Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding says of Positioned for the Gifts:

“Jerry Stott and Robert Hunt share a brilliantly practical exposition on both the value and the purpose of the spiritual gifts.”

These books are free to the mission field but we ask a donation from our partners in the US with all proceeds going to FMP and to the mission work in the South Pacific. Suggested donation for the Journal/Workbook is $5. Both book and booklet for$20. Order by clicking here.