Shepherds Discipleship-English

Wyce Ghiacy

Shepherds Discipleship-English

In ancient Israel and today throughout the world, shepherds work day in and day out to protect and care for their sheep. The Bible tells us stories of shepherds fighting lions and chasing after the lost sheep. Why? Because it is the shepherds’ calling to see these sheep thrive and fulfill their purpose. Jesus has called us to make disciples, teaching and sending them out. In fact, Jesus himself is called “The Good Shepherd” in whom Israel has been longing and anticipating.

This workbook is a tool to help you fulfill your calling to be discipled and to raise up disciples of Jesus.

As you will learn, we are better together and this Shepherd's Handbook is no different. Whether you are discipling or being discipled, it is imperative that you participate with this tool in relational context.

Written by Erick Edquist



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